Recover Dead Hard Drive Data

How to Bring back Lost Data from Dead Hard Disk Drive?

It is very surprising when you turn on your PC or laptop and find nothing but blank screen. It means your computer's operating system had crashed and hard disk drive has stopped spinning up. Now what will you do if you want to read some important data that is stored in dead hard drive. If you have backup of whole data then it's good, but in case of having no backup, surely you will be in trouble. Do not worry; just be cool because dead hard drive data resurgence is possible if you take help of a good data revival tool. Formatted Hard Drive Recovery software is best utility to get back dead hard drive data. Data lost due to hard drive failure or system crash can be easily rescued with this tool.

There are many cases, which causes hard disk failure. Most common factor related to hard drive failure is head crash. In hard drive crash, read-write header makes scratches on disk surface, which leads to severe data loss. Firmware or manufacturer faults also leads to hard drive failure due to which data becomes inaccessible. In such conditions, it becomes necessary to format complete hard disk. Formatted Hard Drive Data tool helps you to get back data from formatted hard drive that too in quick span of time. Due to faulty CPU fan or inappropriate ventilation, computer system tolerates in peak point of heat which results in hard disk crash or severe data loss. In addition, improper power supply or sudden power surge also leads to hard drive failure. Virus attack is also responsible for hard drive failure. Corrupted file lead to damage file system due which hard disk gets unstable and does not performs proper functioning. Malicious software also affects the hard drive data badly. It makes undesired changes on system files and leads to system malfunctioning.

Human errors also cause very serious data loss disaster. Altering system registry files, modification in system files attributes may lead to severe damage. To resolve such problems, you will need very powerful software. Formatted Hard Drive Recovery tool is most potent application to handle such disasters and regain corrupted hard drive data with utmost ease. This is an advanced tool, which performs retrieval of formatted SATA hard drive along with IDE, SCSI, PATA and ATA hard drives in few clicks of mouse. In addition, it supports data recovery from formatted partition or lost NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, HFS+ and HFSX hard drive partitions or volumes on Windows and Macintosh operating system environment.  It is very beneficial to maintain proper backup of important data files so that in future, whenever you find your data lost, you can get back data with the help of backup files. If you dont have any backup of important files and folders then you can take help of this formatted hard drive recovery software which also facilitates user to perform FAT file revival without facing any complications. For more queries related to FAT, visit at

Formatted NTFS Hard Drive Recovery software has designed with latest technology, which performs deep scanning of bad sectors present in hard drive to retain dead hard drive data completely. Along with hard drive data revival,, it assists you to rescue accidently deleted data from Iomega ego portable hard drive, USB flash drives, SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, micro SD memory cards, iPods etc.

How to rescue data from dead hard drive?

1: Launch the recover formatted hard drive software installed on your computer and connect dead hard drive. It will display home window as shown in Figure 1 with three data recovery options.

Recover Dead Hard Drive Data - Home Window

Figure 1: Home Window

2: You will get list of drives from which software can recover data as shown in Figure 2. Here you need to select dead hard drive and click on "Next" button.

Recover Dead Hard Drive Data - Select Dead Hard Drive

Figure 2: Select Dead Hard Drive

3: Software starts scanning of the dead hard disk to locate and retrieve lost files. Once the scanning process is finished, you will get list of recovered files as shown in Figure 3.

Recover Dead Hard Drive Data - Recovered Files List

Figure 3: Recovered Files list

4: Select any file from recovered list, right click and preview it. If you are happy with the recovered results, purchase the full version to save recovered data from dead hard drive.


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