Recover Formatted Mac Hard Drive

Get Back Lost Data after Formatting Mac Hard Disk Drive

In this digital world, we all know that hard drive is most important part of an individual’s life where you have saved your precious data. People usually won’t realize how valuable their data were until they lose it. Data loss from Mac hard drive can happen at any time due to one or other technical issues, among which formatting particular Mac volume or entire Mac hard drive is considered to be the major cause leading to the loss of files saved on your Mac machine. Formatting can take place either intentionally or by accident and results in a loss of important files stored on Mac HDD. However, there no need to worry much now!!! There are many hard drive revival tools available over the internet to protect your lost files after formatting the Mac hard disk. You can make use of an expert software named formatted hard drive data recovery to rescue and regain formatted hard drive files on Mac. This tool has easy to operate user interface that can unformat Mac hard drive in few simple steps.

Reasons that could lead to loss of data from Mac hard drive due to formatting are listed as follows:

Inadvertent Formatting: You might select the wrong volume for formatting instead of another volume during re-installation of the operating system or dual OS installation on the same hard drive. When you are in need to format D:/ drive you may select E:/ drive in a hurry and end up losing entire volume data.
Formatting Errors: Formatting process on Mac computer could get interrupted as a result of the abnormal system shutdown, power failures and software/hardware issues. These interruptions can hamper the formatting showing many error messages the next time when you try to access data from the incompletely formatted Mac hard drive. This can corrupt particular volume or whole hard disk leaving its data inaccessible.

Intended Formatting: Sometimes files on Mac HDD becomes inaccessible due to incorrect formatting, corruption of Mac volumes, file system corruption, reformatting, re-sizing existing Mac volumes and other hard drive issues. In such scenarios, it's essential to format your inaccessible Mac volume/hard drive to access data and to use it for further data storage. However, you can employ this simple user interface to quite easily retrieve data from hard drive partially formatted due to abrupt termination of formatting process, sudden power surge, etc. For more information, tap here

Let us see what happens to Mac hard drive after formatting?

Mac users assume that formatting a volume or Mac HDD, erases all files forever from it. This is not true always, as long as lost files are not overwritten with new data you can get them back with ease. Because formatting basically removes all references related to files from the file allocation table, marking the memory space occupied by them as free and reusable on the hard drive. But actual file content continues to remain on the hard drive as raw files which cannot be accessed until you use any professional data recovery software such as formatted hard drive data recovery, that is specially developed for Mac operating system.

To prevent permanent loss of files, you need to follow certain measures after formatting the Mac hard disk. First you should stop using the Mac hard drive from which you have lost files due to formatting to save any new files. As adding new files will slowly lead to overwriting of lost file space on hard drive with new file content. Lost files can get deleted forever from HDD in a few days, months or a year depending on the free space available on the Mac hard disk drive.

Without delay download and install the demo version of formatted hard drive data recovery software on any healthy Mac computer to retain your critical files. Make sure that you are not downloading or installing the software onto same volume/hard drive from which you have lost files. If you have formatted entire Mac hard drive, disconnect it carefully from the computer and connect it to the Mac machine (where software is installed) as an external storage drive and follow on screen steps as shown by its user interface. Within a short time, you will see a list of rescued files and folders from formatted hard drive arranged in a directory structure. You will be able to save the rescued files to any desired drive accessible by the host operating system. Additionally, you can get back data from dead hard drive by connecting it to a computer in which you have installed this software.

Unformat Mac Hard Drive Data

If you have a backup of formatted hard drive data, then you can use it for restoring lost files from Mac hard drive. But what if you don’t have back up copy? Stop worrying, opt for rescuing data from hard drives through formatted hard drive data recovery software. This software deeply scans your formatted Mac volume/hard drive by using powerful scan algorithms to undelete deleted/lost files. It has potential to identify and regain various file types such as text files, media files, etc from formatted Mac hard drive based on their unique file signatures. It supports data revival from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 volumes. By using this tool, you can bring back data from formatted SATA hard drive, IDE hard drive and SCSI hard drives without any difficulty. In addition, you can get back data from various brands of hard drive and external hard drives like Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Iomega, Maxtor, HP, Apple and so on by using this tool. This data recovery tool can be utilized to carry out data revival from accidentally formatted USB drive along with flash memory cards, iPods and FireWire drives on Mac OS X operating systems (Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion) in just few clicks of mouse. In addition, you can use formatted hard drive recovery software to get back FAT data in just a few steps. Know more at

Simple steps to retain files from formatted hard drive on Mac:

1: Launch the installed trial version of formatted hard drive data recovery software. Welcome screen appears as shown in Figure 1. Select "Recover Volumes/Drives" option. Next you will get display window with two recovery options, where you have to choose "Formatted/Reformatted Recovery" to start data recovery process.

Figure 1: Welcome Screen

2: Software detects and shows the list of drives from which lost data can be recovered as shown in Figure 2. Select the formatted volume or Mac hard drive and click on "Next" button.

Recover Formatted Mac Hard Drive - Select Mac Hard Drive

Figure 2: Select Mac Hard Drive

3: Software starts scanning the selected drive to retrieve lost files. After completion of scanning process, you will get list of recovered files from formatted Mac hard drive as shown in Figure 3.

Recover Formatted Mac Hard Drive - Recovered Files

Figure 3: Recovered Files from Mac HDD

4: Select a file from recovered list and preview it. If you are satisfied with recovered results, purchase the full version of the software and save recovered data.

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For Leopard (10.5) and

Snow Leopard (10.6) users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users