Restore Corrupted Hard Drive

Are you looking for a solution to regain data from corrupted hard drive?

We know that hard drive plays an important role in storing precious data. We store lots of important data that is more useful in further purpose but sometimes hard drives fails due to many reasons which results in loss of useful data. But now a day’s no need to worry about lost data we can easily and efficiently rescue it, by using Data recovery software. Not only bring back data from hard drives, even from iPod, pen drives, memory cards etc which is lost due to any scenarios of losing data. This software is enriched with good user interface and flexible to use it.

Common scenarios of loss of data from hard drive:
File system error: Mostly virus is spreadable from PC to other while sharing data between them. If strong viruses are present in system that affects file system which results in loss of data and even corrupt the file system.

Bad sectors in hard drive: Especially bad sectors happen when an error modification code on a sector does not match the content of the identical sector. This is usually due to some kind of logical error on disk caused by virus or failing to shut down the operating system properly. Finally it results in loss of data or inaccessible hard drive.

Power Surge: Sometimes there might be chance of hard drive get corrupt due to power surge which results in loss of data.
Third party utilities: installing new programs on system can corrupt existing file system which results fatal error of hard disk.

Probably we lose data from corrupted hard drive and saw some major issues behind hard drive corruption but we need to think over lost data. We can get back lost data by using revival software named Hard Drive Recovery software. It rescue all types of data from corrupted hard drive without missing a single file and effectively too. This software can also use to retain formatted hard drive files on Mac. To know more in detail about Mac version, just log on to

This software enables to get back lost data from corrupted hard disk which is lost due to bad sectors presence in hard disk, virus attacks and third party utility usage and so on. This software have advantage over rescuing data from accidentally formatted USB drives along with memory cards, iPods and FireWire drives etc. In addition you can bring back data from formatted SATA hard drive, IDE and SCSI hard drives without any risky and with utmost ease.

If you are facing data loss from corrupted hard drive, demo version of this software is available in websites. You can easily download and use it. In demo version just you can see rescued files from corrupted hard drive but in order to save those files you need to go with paid version this software. Even, if lose data after formatting of USB drive, it will be equally effective. Use this link to recover formatted USB drive easily:

Steps to regain data from corrupted hard drive:

1:Download demo version of Hard Drive Recovery Software and install it successfully. Select Recover Partitions / Drives from main screen.

restore corrupted hard drive - Welcome Window

Figure 1: Welcome Window

2:Next choose the hard disk from where data is lost, then software starts scanning your corrupted hard disk to search lost files.

restore corrupted hard drive - Select Portable Hard drive

Figure 2: Select Portable Hard Drive

3:Finally it lists the recovered data, you can preview those data. In order to access those files purchase paid version of this software.

restore corrupted hard drive - Recovered Data

Figure 3: Recovered Data

4: Save recovery process. If you are happy with recovered results, buy the full version of the software to save recovered data.


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For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
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